Taekwondo – a journey for all those who have the will



In Taekwondo but also in the world outside Taekwondo, the black belt is generally respected and a goal for a lot of people. In Denmark we have more than five master institutions witch each represent their own way to reach that goal. Does that mean that you have earned your black belt more if you choose one way above another? Or is the point in the in the end more that you feel that you have fully earned and deserved your black belt, so you can tie your belt around yourself with pride.

So can you earn the black with disabilities, or as I prefer to say, special abilities. In the nature of the cause there is movements that can not be done equal if compared to a “normal” person. When I look at my student it is with the biggest joy to see them moving as humans with the Taekwondo training. They become more proud humans and as teaching them I can see there self-esteem raise even from week to week. It is important to have a purpose of life and just as important a goal for your Taekwondo training. That we all reach those goals with the same pace and in the same ways is an illusion. The journey between the goals , graduation and the black belt, will always be different just as different as people. Therefore the graduation will be a recognition of your journey, and this journey will be just as long or longer and more challenging with a special ability. The graduation should be a recognition no matter your starting point or the rank of special abilities in your Taekwondo journey.

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